Narrated Dawn of War 3 E3 gameplay trailer shows a grim future lit by gunfire

Dawn of War 3 gameplay

If you’ve spent the last month swearing in anger, as I have, that those at E3 got to see Dawn of War 3 gameplay in full motion, Relic have arrived to help. They’ve released a narrated version of the full demo they showed to press, a ten minute stomp of Space Marines against Eldar. It has all the major announced features shown off, with super units, cover and base building all given their time.

Here’s what we know about Dawn of War 3 so far – are you looking forward to it?

Worth mentioning before you click play, there is definitely a reason that community manager Kellie Goggins shows up at the start to mention how early this footage is. It’s been a while since I saw a big studio with a high-budget game like this release a trailer that had as much obviously placeholder elements. From UI to animation and voice acting, it’s non-final.

When it’s all in motion and firing, it looks excellent. Predictably, I am a huge fan of the giant mech that fires rockets and just gets more powerful as it overheats. Between that and the space laser that gets fatter as it kills – for absolutely no readily discernible reason – everything in DoW3 is as ridiculous as it can be.

We’ll likely see more of the game come Gamescom, including perhaps the seemingly-inevitable reveal of a fourth faction. Or at least some lovely Orks. Game’s out some time in 2017.