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Eldar Wraithblade revealed for Dawn of War 3, offers plenty to micromanage

This is a Wraithblade.

Sega and Relic Entertainment are whetting our appetites for Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III by showcasing some fan-favourite units from its three iconic armies, and first up is the Eldar Wraithblade.

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According to 40K lore, when one of the hyper-advanced, elfin Eldar falls in battle, their soul must be trapped in a stone lest it fall forever into the hellish dimension that is the Warp. Sometimes, these spirits are joined to a construct so that they can fight again. It’s a near-necromantic practice that is considered immoral, but desperate measures are called for in the world of 40K, where the galaxy is flooded with nightmarish space demons and every species including humanity is psychopathic.

The Wraithblades are among the most feared of the Eldar resurrected warriors, “distinguished from the rest by their unmatched fury”. They are powerful anti-infantry melee combatants, scything through the enemy with a pair of deadly Ghostswords. Though usually slow, Wraithblades can initiate combat with a charge attack, and move faster when passing near Webway Gates, so canny players can use them to surprise those who underestimate their speed. Sounds like they have plenty of tricks for micromanagers to master.

You can learn more at the Dawn of Warwebsite. Dawn of War III is due out some time in 2017, and until then, we can look forward to plenty more unit showcases.