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Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide’s free Quests and Contracts DLC adds buffs and loot

Vermintide Quests and Contracts

Vermintide just launched its new Quests and Contracts DLC and it’s as free as an overgrown rat’s spear to the face. The new DLC allows players to set themselves goals and, if successful, reap the glories of victory. 

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Contracts ask you to complete specific tasks, like finishing a mission on a certain difficulty mode. If successful, you then get a boon, which is a buff (say, reduced damage from enemies) that’s active for a set amount of time.

Completing a set amount of contracts could tick off a Quest, which will give you access to in-game equipment, be it a new hat for your favourite character or a weapon for one you rarely use.

The patch also brings with it a bunch of updates, and you can see the full changelog below:

New Features

Introducing Quest & Contracts!

Unlock this new board by completing the Ubersreik levels on any difficulty

  • Added Bounty Board to the Red Moon Inn: Visit the board to collect Quests and Contracts! The board is unlocked after completing all levels.
  • Contracts: Gain rewards for completing specific objectives. Key Contracts also reward you with Quest progress
  • Quests: Gain epic rewards for completing a certain number of Key Contracts
  • Boons: Timed buffs which empower your heroes in various ways

Feature Changes

  • Made the UI Indicator for Grimoires clearer
  • Gutter Runners now lose targeting outline if they teleport away
  • Added Lobby Browser button in Map
  • Ranald’s Bones rewards have been normalised to better match the difficulty played on

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where dropped items from Loot Rats could end up in unreachable locations
  • Fixed gritty looking stone textures on Black powder
  • Fixed an issue where the end event on The Dungeons could occasionally take much longer than intended
  • Fixed an issue where the screen effect from drinking potions could be overly blurry
  • Fixed a crash which could occur when a bot was grabbed by a Packmaster
  • Fixed a number of ledge issues on Summoner’s Peak
  • Fixed a shading issue with the staircases on Castle Drachenfels
  • Fixed several culling issues on Castle Drachenfels
  • Fixed an issue with the end event on The Enemy Below
  • Fixed a number of issues with sound cues for when hordes of enemies spawn
  • Fixed an issue on Horn of Magnus where Rat Ogres could get stuck on a rooftop
  • Fixed an issue where you could end up in the wrong location when hot-joining a session on Horn of Magnus
  • Fixed a misaligned roof prop on Horn of Magnus
  • Fixed an issue where certain items would spawn in the air on Black Powder
  • Fixed a number of culling issues on Wizard’s Tower
  • Fixed an issue where on Town Meeting where you could be dragged by a Packmaster to a location where you would get stuck
  • Fixed an art issue with Volley Crossbow
  • Lots of other minor fixes