Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide feels benefit of Sigmar’s Blessing

Warhammer: The End Times - Vermintide

In the mornings before work at the moment, I lead a sneaky skaven warband to take-take wyrdstone from the man-things in Mordheim. And later, in the evenings, I shore up a Vermintide adventuring party as a bright wizard, charging fireballs to scatter the rat-men. It’s hard to argue Clan Eshin would disapprove; they’d have to admit grudging approval of the bare-faced disloyalty.

In its first major update, Fatshark’s Left 4 Dead-like high fantasy shooter just got fatter.

How many of the best co-op games on PC have you recruited a friend for?

There are new furnishings in the pub that acts as Vermintide’s lobby. No jukebox yet, but a Shrine of Solace, where players can pray (read: spend tokens) to acquire the loot that otherwise only trickles in at the conclusion of a game.

On a similar note, you can now wear one of five trinkets that steer drops towards the class of your choice. It’s undeniably frustrating to spend an hour playing through a map, only to land an axe you can’t use.

More broadly there’s a new weapon tier, Veteran, with traits that roll perfectly every time. There are 40 of them for the time being, and you can only pick up each of them once. And Fatshark have played a couple of tricks with now-familiar routines: jumbling up the secrets on Horn of Magnus, and telling rat ogres to slam ladders so that players lose their grip and fall.

“Good luck,” they say. How’re you getting on in the green-hued streets of Ubersreik?