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Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide's second character trailer introduces the Waywatcher

Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide Waywatcher

Fatshark have released their second character trailer for Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide, showcasing Kerillian the Waywatcher, who knows her way around a longbow and a pair of daggers. She makes up one fifth of Vermintide's heroes - the others all due to get their turn in the spotlight in the coming weeks before the game's 23 October launch.

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Those vids will be landing at PCGamesN before anyone else, so if you want to stay abreast of exactly who's rendering the rodent hordes asunder it's worth hitting that handy YouTube link on the trailer above. Last week we debuted the trailer for Viktor the Witch Hunter.

So, who is Kerillian, other than the posessor of a disarming Scottish lilt and infinite arrows? Well, she's the mysterious type. A Wood Elf who left her post at native Athel Loren, she counts every kill she makes but won't tell you why. You know - that kind. Like all Wood Elves, she treats humans like ignorant little children and has the eyesight of a NASA cyborg.

Her loadout comprises a longbow with several arrow types for ranged combat, such as the armour-piercing Bodkin variety and Swiftshivers, of which many can be fired at once to rain down on foes. the Hangbane arrow comes dipped in a noxious poison, and the Trueflight type's there for common-or-garden ranged kills.

For melee kills, Kerillan favours a dual-blade style, although she's also able to wield a single Elven short sword. Or, if you fancy, one dagger and one shortsword for unique melee combos.

Here's what Fatshark have to say about her over on the game's official site:

"Waywatchers like to keep their distance while fighting, picking off enemies before they even realize they are in danger. They are exceptionally skilled with a bow, and often use different types of arrows to take down their foes before they come within arm's reach. If any of her enemies are lucky enough to avoid an Elven shaft between the eyes, Kerillian will switch to her double daggers and swiftly hack, stab and slash a path through them, leaving a trail of bloody corpses in her wake. Occasionally, Kerillian will opt for a more strength-focused approach to her fighting, picking up one or even two short swords and taking down multiple foes in once slice."

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AnAuldWolf avatarXerkics avatarRecluse avatarAnakhoresis avatarFlappers avatar
AnAuldWolf Avatar
2 Years ago

The whole Vermintide thing -- not just this game, but as a concept -- is fascinating to me. It's playing humanity at their own game, and apparently winning. By which I mean that we deal with any competition to our dominance by breeding excruciating numbers of ourselves that the host body couldn't possibly maintain and then using the overwhelming numbers along with the lack of value and worth placed upon individual life to invade, overrun, and conquer. And on the odd sunny day, if we're feeling particularly full of ourselves and competent enough, even commit genocide.

We're exceptionally viral in how we deal with our environment and the challenges it poses to us. No, I'm not talking about a silly Matrix quote, but more that in an abstract sense we are the embodied avatar of what being viral is.

In that sense we're literally the best virus. No one on this planet can out-virus us. At least, not yet. Give it a few thousand years and who knows? Still, our tactics aren't exactly different to what a phage virus does inside our bodies. It's just that in this case the bacteria are 'other human beings who are slightly not like our ethnicity and/or embody ideologies which alienate us' and the host body is the world itself. Look at us go!

Vermintide is that through a warped lens. The ratties have become the apex virus, they're more competent and they have greater numbers so humanity is being pushed to the brink of extinction.

The projection is amusing.

In this instance, we're the plucky upstarts throwing rocks at the incoming viral wave of doom.

I wonder if anyone would be smart enough to learn anything from that?

Probably not.

Xerkics Avatar
2 Years ago

I think you are overthinking it.

Recluse Avatar
Recluse(2 days played)
2 Years ago

You write reallllly long posts man

Anakhoresis Avatar
Anakhoresis(4 hours played)
2 Years ago

... Why do you call it a "silly Matrix quote" when you said the same thing, albeit in fancier way?

Flappers Avatar
2 Years ago


> I wonder if anyone would be smart enough to learn anything from that?

I learned that video games can be over-analyzed into something they're not ;)