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Warhammer: Vermintide 2 careers guide - every class and character revealed

Vermintide 2 careers

Vermintide 2 careers are the backbone of your Skaven-slaying playstyle; the things that dictate how your character classes work. No matter if you have chosen a Bright Wizard or Witch Hunter, your career choice offers flexibility to how you go about skewering/smashing/searing the legions of rat men in your path. 

Find out everything we know about Warhammer: Vermintide 2

Need help deciding which Vermintide 2 character class and career to choose? Well let PCGamesN be your guide. We have got the full details on all the career paths and skills revealed so far, allowing you to decide who to stride into battle as. Of course, Vermintide 2 does not stop you from swapping character and career, so you can freely change to a fresh build should you grow tired of your original pick.

Markus Kruber – Empire Soldier

Vermintide 2 careers Markus Kruber Empire Soldier

Basic equipment: greatsword, cannon

Markus is your classic knight in shining armour; tall, heavy, and decapitating rats by the dozen with his heavy weaponry. He is the perfect character if you like to deal out massive pain and don’t mind dealing with a slower pace of attack. Slow and steady wins the race, after all, especially if it comes equipped with a ruddy great two-handed sword.

– Passive ability: Paced Strikes
Hitting 3 enemies in one swing grants 10% increased attack speed for 6 seconds.
Attacks cleave through more enemies.
Increased critical strike chance.
– Career Skill: Morale Boost
Markus grants nearby party members a boost of temporary health and staggers nearby enemies.

Huntsman (unlocks at level 7)
– Passive ability: Waste Not, Want Not
Ranged headshots recover 1 ammunition.
No ranged damage falloff.
Critical strike chance aura.
– Career Skill: Hunter’s Prowl
Markus disappears from sight for a brief period of time, allowing him to ambush foes.

Foot Knight (unlocks at level 12)
– Passive ability: Protective Presence
Damage resistance aura.
Increased stamina.
Reduced damage taken.
– Career skill: Valiant charge
Markus charges forward slamming into enemies and pushing them forward.

Bardin Goreksson – Dwarf Ranger

Vermintide 2 careers Bardin Goreksson Dwarf Ranger

Basic equipment: hammer, crossbow

A stout, hardy dwarf capable of splitting skulls with a hefty hammer or pinning enemies back with his crossbow, Bardin is the man to choose if you enjoy the best of both melee and ranged worlds. Well rounded… just like his physique.

Ranger Veteran
– Passive ability: Survivalist
Specials drop ammo pickups on death.
Double ammo capacity.
Increased reload speed.
– Career skill: Disengage
Bardin deploys a smoke bomb that conceals him from enemies whilst he stays inside.

Ironbreaker (unlocks at level 7)
– Passive ability: Gromril Armour
Completely absorbs one his every 20 seconds.
Reduced damage taken.
Increased stamina.
Increased stun resistance.
– Career skill: Impenetrable
Bardin taunts all man sized enemies within 10 units, gains increased defence, and can block any attack for 10 seconds.

Slayer (unlocks at level 12)
– Passive ability: Trophy Hunter
Stacking damage buff on hitting an enemy.
Increased attack speed.
– Career skill: Leap
Bardin leaps forward to stun a target and gain a burst of attack speed.

Kerilian – Waywatcher

Vermintide 2 careers Kerillian Waywatcher

Basic equipment: sword, bow

An elven archer, Kerillian’s basic loadout puts notable focus on ranged combat. That is not to say she can’t hold her own in a close brawl, though; later careers spec her as an assassin-like killer.

– Passive ability: Amaranthe
Kerillian regenerates health over time. Doubled ammo capacity, no ranged damage falloff, ranged weapon zoom.
– Career skill: Trueshot Volley
Fire a trueflight volley seeking out enemies in Kerillian’s path.

Handmaiden (unlocks at level 7)
– Passive ability: The Dance of Seasons
Increased dodge distance, stamina regeneration aura, uninterruptible revive.
– Career skill: Dash
Kerillian quickly dashes forward through enemies.

Shade (unlocks at level 12)
Passive ability: Murderous Prowess
50% additional damage when attacking enemies from behind.
Critical hit backstabs instantly slay mansized enemies.
Career skill: Infiltrate
Kerillian becomes undetectable and can pass through enemies for 10 seconds or until she attacks.

Victor Saltzpyre – Witch Hunter

Vermintide 2 careers Victor Saltzpyre Witch Hunter

Basic equipment: rapier, handguns

One of Vermintide’s fastest characters, armed with a light and speedy rapier by default, along with a brace of pistols that allows you to fire in quick succession with little downtime. An ideal pick for those looking to maximise their DPS.

Witch Hunter Captain
– Passive ability: Witch-Hunt
Tagged enemies take additional damage.
No light attack block cost from frontal attacks.
Critical hit headshots instantly slay mansized enemies.
– Career skill: Animosity
Boosts critical hit chance for all nearby party members for 8 seconds.

Bounty Hunter (unlocks at level 7)
– Passive ability: Blessed Shots
Guaranteed ranged critical hit every 8 seconds or on melee kill.
Double ammunition capacity.
Increased reload speed.
– Career skill – Locked and Loaded
Victor fires a powerful shot that pierces through enemies.

Zealot (unlocks at level 12)
– Passive ability: Fiery Faith
Power increases by 5% for every 25 health missing to a maximum bonus of 20%.
Uninterruptible heavy attacks.
Resist death on taking lethal damage.
– Career skill: Holy Fervor
Victor charges forward and gains 50% increased attack speed for 5 seconds.

Sienna Fuegonasus – Bright Wizard

Vermintide 2 careers Sienna Fuegonasus Bright Wizard

Basic equipment: sword, staff

No Warhammer game would be complete without a character representing the arcane arts, and Sienna does just that. If your dreams are made of the shrieks of burning Skaven, then the Bright Wizard is the character for you.

Battle Wizard
– Passive ability: Tranquility
Avoiding damage and not casting spells for 8 seconds automatically ventilates overcharge.
Overcharge increases spell charge speed.
Increases ranged damage.
– Career skill: Fire Walk
Sienna blinks forward leaving a blanket of fire in her wake.

Pyromancer (unlocks at level 7)
– Passive ability: Critical Mass
Increased critical strike chance based on Overcharge level.
Increased ranged damage.
– Career skill: Homing Firespear
Sienna unleashes a projectile that seeks out targets.

Unchained (unlocks at level 12)
– Passive ability: Blood Magic
50% damage taken transferred to Overcharge.
No Overcharge slowdown.
Increased melee power on high Overcharge.
Reduce block cost on high Overcharge, consumes Overcharge.
– Career skill: Living Bomb
Sienna heats up and explodes dealing damage to surrounding enemies – this ability also clears all her Overcharge.