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Warhammer: Vermintide 2 brings night mode to every map just in time for Halloween

Geheimnisnacht brings night mode to Vermintide 2, and it might just become a permanent option

Warhammer: Vermintide 2, like seemingly every game this time of year, is getting into the Halloween spirit. Or, rather, the Geheimnisnacht spirit, as the sun has taken a temporary leave of absence from world of Helmgart. In practical terms, that means every map in the game temporarily plays out in the moonlight for a spooky new look.

Patch 1.2.2 launches Geheimnisnacht, introducing night mode for each map. The Keep naturally gets some seasonally appropriate new decorations, and there’s a special event quest on offer to get you a unique new portrait frame. This update also unlocks the trophy room, which allows you to display your progression in Vermintide 2.

Night mode is the big thing, however – and players are already asking for it to become a permanent, optional feature to add some variety in repeated replays. “We’ll be sure to have it on rotation, in some fashion, in the future,” Fatshark’s Hans Sjunnesson says on Reddit. “We just need to make sure it’s working solidly, performing just as well as the regular lighting, and looks and plays just as well as the current game.”

The full patch notes for this update also detail a host of new bug fixes. If you haven’t dug into Vermintide 2 yet, the Steam Halloween Sale 2018 provides a pretty good excuse to do so. In addition to the new features in today’s update, the game is 50% off, which brings the price down to $14.99 / £11.89 / €13.99.