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Massive military RTS boosts player count with major update

Warno, from the creators of strategy games like Steel Division, just got an influx of new players with its latest Early Access update.

Warno jumps in player count with discount and update: Two military helicopters from RTS game Warno.

Eugen Systems has made a name for itself in the strategy game space by creating classic series like Steel Division, Wargame, and Act of War. Back in 2022, the French developer moved on and put out its latest RTS, Warno, on Steam Early Access and has been steadily working on adding to it ever since. Now, with its latest major update launched and a 25% discount helping to bring down its price, Warno has received a big boost to its player count.

Set in an alternate version of the what were the final years of the Cold War in actual history, Warno is a strategy game that makes the nightmare scenario of a Third World War into a grand digital battle between a fictional version of late 1980s NATO and Warsaw Pact forces.

The Grouchy milestone, named after a Napoleonic marshal like each of Warno’s past updates, rolled out yesterday. Its new additions and a 25% discount were immediately popular, causing the game’s peak player count to jump from 328 to an all-time high of 2,882 yesterday.

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Grouchy’s biggest features include the first of the game’s Army General campaigns, Bruderkrieg, which can currently be played solo. Eugen Systems has also added in four Army General tutorials to help get new players up to speed, a new urban map, and a host of tweaks to unit types, map lighting, sound effects, and more. Lastly, Warno’s Ranked mode has been reset in order to kick off a new season of competition that will last until the game’s full release.

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