Wasteland 2 concept art reveals Synth faction


Wasteland 2 backers were asked to nominate a part of the game for developers InXile to open up about, and they chose the Synths. Prog fans can read on without worry, though – no Moogs were abused in the making of this post.

The Synths, then, look to be a rogue AI faction – the perfect peg for exploring issues of existence, empathy and the nature of humanity. Or for exploding plastic limbs. Whichever way InExile want to play it. All they’ll tell us now is that Synths are “not fond of the rangers”. And there’s this:

It’s an evocative image, unease about the nature of humanity is very much present and correct – though how it’ll be squeezed convincingly into Wasteland 2’s fairly low-fi aesthetic remains to be seen.

Inevitably, the dust storm of Wasteland info we were caught up in during the Kickstarter project has calmed somewhat now InExile have their heads buried in the nitty-gritty of development. Are you still excited to return to the desert?

Thanks, VG247.