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Watch Dogs 2 now supports four-player co-op free-roam and activities

Watch Dogs 2 party mode

To celebrate America’s July 4 festivities, Ubisoft are releasing a patch for their open-world hacking game, Watch Dogs 2. The headline feature is four-player co-op. You just head to the multiplayer app in your phone, invite your pals, then you’re free to hack the planet.  

Our list of the best co-op games will have you cracking open a cold one with the boys, and the girls. 

In four-player mode, you can free-roam open-world San Francisco, you can take on bounties, races, and even invade other players – which is just cruel. Each player votes on their role in bounties and tracks can be voted for in races.

Also of note is that, in four-player, leaderboards are disabled. And you can’t take on co-op missions since they were designed for two.

Because it’s Independence Day (or will be soon), you can also celebrate with fireworks and paintballs, from now until July 10. Lastly, co-op players can also skip the 3D printing animation.

See the full range of activities and content in the trailer above.