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Watch Dogs 2 update adds misson replays, hacking invasion tweaks and San Francisco’s famous fog

Watch Dogs 2

If anyone was to make a game in the UK’s second city Manchester, they’d need to ensure a whole button was dedicated to popping up an umbrella at any moment. Having lived here for almost eight years now, I can tell you it rains. It rains a lot.

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San Francisco is similarly famous for its fog, which is why Ubisoft has reacted quickly to claims from PC players of Watch Dogs 2 that its replication of the city simply isn’t foggy enough.

The latest update for the game will make sure that fog appears more often, the publisher has claimed, appearing at 6pm on the days where it pops up before disappearing around 2pm the following day.

“In a future update, we’ll adjust and randomize its appearance times, so you can enjoy it more often,” Ubisoft details in a blog post. “If you are eager to see it, you can always make the time pass faster by taking a nap on the sofa in the HQ.”

Oh, and the latest patch includes a whole host of other changes too, including the ability to replay already completed missions for extra LOLs. That’s my description, not theirs.

“Now that we’ve patched most of the issues identified at launch, it’s time to start including the fun stuff,” Ubisoft details. “This patch is being made in preparation for the first DLC, the T-Bone Content Bundle, but also includes free content, balancing to multiplayer game modes (particularly Hacking Invasions), and lots of bug fixes.”

You can check out the full list of changes in Update 1.08 here, with the update itself rolling out “later this week”.