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New Watch Dogs 2 ending hints a hacktivist sequel is planned and coming to L0nD_N

Watch Dogs 2

A free 14GB patch has been applied to Watch Dogs 2. Among other things, it adds new locations to the game’s map and a new scene to its ending, which includes a possible tease for the possible setting of a possible sequel. Fair warning: it’s probably best not to read this article if you care about having the ending spoiled.

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The new scene features a phone conversation in which two men discuss the broadcast by the DedSec hackers which concludes the main game. Upon learning that DedSec cells and other hacktivists are popping up worldwide, one of the two men says “make the call”, implying that the enemy is about to retaliate.

Perhaps more important is the title of the window in which the waveform of the conversation appears. That title is a set of numbers – 51.462014, -0.112504 – which correspond to coordinates. Type them into Google Maps, and they point to Brixton, a district in south London. Could this mean that Watch Dogs 3 is coming to the British capital?

You can watch the new ending cutscene in its entirety thanks to YouTuber Frenzy:

Spoilers end here.

Also added in the free update are some new clothes, new emotes and dances (including Carlton’s dance from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air), and new map locations. These haven’t been marked, so you get the fun of exploring.