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Watch Heroes of the Storm’s Rexxar explained by Dustin Browder


Heroes of the Storm’s latest new talent is just around the corner and it’s the face-going, Durotar-founding Rexxar and his lovely pet bear Misha. As has become the standard, Lead Designer Dustin Browder has narrated a video showing off Rexxars strengths and weaknesses and I’ve photoshopped his face into an appropriate image. We all know the formula here. Have a look below.

Heroes-that-are-more-than-one-hero are usually very strong in MOBAs, though HotS’ lack of items means they’re a little less dangerous. Its meant there have been more of them, with several characters able to permanently or regularly summon companions. Exactly where on the scale of Lost Vikings to Water Elemental Rexxar lies remains to be seen, but I would point out that in most of the successful engagements above, enemies were silly enough to target the bear rather than the man himself. Always target the healers folks, you aren’t raid bosses.

I do wish they’d include some real internal match footage in these like Riot does with their spotlights. I understand the need to show stuff off, but it’s not like people expect professional level play – just things that aren’t so obviously staged. Only takes one good game and one bad game to get all the footage you’ll need. Obviously it’s a much larger time committment, but I want to be excited by possibilities, not constantly reminded that what I’m watching isn’t how it could ever actually go down.

Rexxar should be out in the next couple of weeks.