Watch Rayman play through the blues in this delicious Legends trailer


Did you know? Rayman Legends was originally due out last year as a Wii U launch title. After months of polishing and porting and pushing back, however, it’s now a PC game. Result. And what better way to celebrate Ubisoft Montpellier’s release limbo breakout than with a few cage-smashings courtesy of their mascot, man-without-limbs?

I’ve been hurtling headlong through Rayman Origins again this week, and can confirm that a good speed run can already feel somewhat like side-scrolling beat-matching. The following sequence sees that sensibility taken to its lol-ogical conclusion:

Another of Legends’ rhythm-platforming levels is already available to play on the Wii U’s Rayman Legends Challenge App, should you have access to that, and plays out to a buzzing, growling rendition of Black Betty. It’s superb.

Will anybody else be pinging out of the house to get this on August 29 (Australia), August 30 (Europe), September 3 (America) or October 17 (Japan)?

Thanks, RPS.