Watch this: Son of Nor features headset support for terraforming by telekinesis

Son of Nor

It’s actually called electroencephalography, not telekinesis, and I’m assured there’s no tin foil involved. But thanks to a partnership between Austrian developers Still Alive and the makers of the Emotiv EPOC, a Brain Computer Interface (BCI) headset, you’ll soon be able to throw fireballs and shift sand about with your mind in Son of Nor.

Son of Nor is an action-adventure game which drops players into the desert and grants them a set of skills for environmental manipulation. Still Alive are in the throes of a Kickstarter campaign to fund the last leg of its development, and have just over two weeks to raise two-thirds of their $150,000 goal.

I reckon this should help:

The Emotiv EPOC utilises 14 sensors and two references to read the brain’s electric signals in real time. Its creators say it can “detect user thoughts, feelings and expressions”.

“Based on the latest developments in neuro-technology, Emotiv has developed a revolutionary new personal interface for human computer interaction,” said Emotiv president Kim Du. “The Emotiv EPOC is a high resolution, neuro-signal acquisition and processing wireless neuroheadset that allows users to experience the fantasy of having supernatural powers and controlling the world with your mind.”

Added Still Alive CEO Julian Mautner: “We are so incredibly excited to have partnered with Emotiv to allow our players to be able to perform telekinesis, terraforming and magic with the power of thought.

“Our game is based around the characters having such powers within the game and now they can do it for real and fully immerse themselves by genuinely [being] given such abilities. It is phenomenal!”

Pledge $300 to the Son of Nor campaign and you’ll get an EPOC headset bundled with your digital copy of the game. Early backers can pledge a further $290 to have an EPOC device added to their reward.

If Son of Nor hits its funding target at the end of May, Still Alive expect to release in Summer 2014. Do you plan to help them get there? I’m afraid they’ll require your money, not your mind, at this stage.