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Watch Dogs 2’s villain is Dušan Nemic, a throat-punching yoga lover ok with civilian casualties

Dušan Nemic, the man with the most unfortunate first syllable in all of nomenclature

A new trailer for Ubisoft’s upcoming Watch Dogs 2 debuted yesterday at the Tokyo Game Show, during Sony’s conference. The trailer focuses on the characters and story of the open-world adventure game, and introduces the boss of Bloom, a presumably evil cybersecurity firm. There’s no standalone version as yet, but you can scroll to 30:15 in the video of Sony’s conference (embedded above) to take a look.

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In a move surely designed to encourage memes, Bloom’s boss is namedDušanNemic.His nastiness is established through the old ends-justify-the-means shtick: “a few civilian casualties is the cost you have to pay for the betterment of the world”, he claims, only to be repudiated by a punch from protagonist Marcus Holloway. Bloom controls ctOS 2.0, an operating system networking the city of San Francisco, where the game is set. You’ll be hacking ctOS as you take control of the city’s infrastructure to pursue your rebellious goals.

The trailer also demonstrates Holloway’s leet hacking skillz, and his meeting with good-guy hacktivists DedSec. Some pretty exciting flashes of gameplay and beautiful shots of San Francisco, the game’s setting, are set beneath narration and a grinding soundtrack.

Hopefully the footage reflects gameplay that won’t be downgraded this time – the game is confirmed to support PS4 Pro, Sony’s recently-unveiled powered-up console, so perhaps this means PC players can expect some decent visuals. For an idea of what this looks like, you can check out some recent Watch Dogs 2 PS4 Pro gameplay at Ubi’s YouTube channel.

Watch Dogs 2 is due for worldwide release on November 15, 2016 for Windows PC.