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Watch Dogs’ Bad Blood DLC launches today for Season Pass holders

Watch Dogs Bad Blood

That Watch Dogs DLC Tim got really excited about last week arrives today for Season Pass holders. If you’re not a Season Pass holder, and you’re not holding a Season Pass, then you are literally subhuman filth and won’t be able to purchase Bad Blood until September 30th.

It’s got nowt to do with the main game’s protagonist, Primark Neo. Instead it follows the adventures of demolitions expert T-Bone, a loud and shouty redneck inventor who comes with an entire box of new toys to play with.

Bad Blood include’s T-Bone’s ridiculous beard, remote control car, new perks and weapons, new outfits and some new co-operative contracts.

For the record, T-Bone’s catchphrases are “you got a problem? Bloouergh!” and “yowza!”. Here’s the launch trailer.