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Bundle Stars’ Killer Bundle 2 has something for everyone, particularly those everyones who love real-time strategy games or playing as a cat samurai.

The latest bundle’s packed with great strategy games – from two Blitzkrieg anthologies and Hegemony Rome – to survival shooters, like 10 Years After. They’ve even thrown in Redline, a Mad Max-like game about apocalyptic gang warfare, and Reprisal, a beautiful Populous-alike for those feeling burned by Godus.

They’re selling the bundle for £3.99 over on their site but if that’s still too dear for you, they’ve given us 20 bundles to giveaway.

To be in with a chance of winning one of our 20 Killer Bundles, which is packed with £98.90’s worth of games, you’ll need to enter your details in the widget below:

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Here’s exactly what you’ll find in Bundle Stars’ Killer Bundle 2:

  • Enemy Front, a World War 2 shooter from CI Games. Breaking away from the linear corridor shooters, Enemy Front throws you into open levels and leaves you free to use whatever weapons you can find. This lets you play stealthily or dive right into the gun fights.
  • Space Rangers is a top down shmup where you play a pirate gathering power across the galaxy. It’s not all about shooting starships out of the void, you can also take the fight down to a planet’s surface, and battle your enemies there.
  • Hegemony Rome: Rise of Caeser blends real-time strategy with grand strategy, giving you command of armies across all of Europe and letting you control them down on the battlefield, too. If you’re looking for an in-depth strategy game, the Hegemony series has a reputation for absorbing all who enter it.
  • 10 Years After is a open world survival horror that’s currently working its way through Steam Early Access. Unlike most the survival games making the rounds at the moment, you can play 10 Years After as a single player game, searching for weapons, food, and water without the help of a companion.
  • Reprisal Universe is a beautiful Populous successor. You play a minor god fostering a small civilisation of people, giving them space to build a town and encouraging them to farm the land around them. Plus, when it comes to warring with other tribes, you can throw fireballs down from on high and burn your enemies to the ground.
  • Samudai’s a side on brawler where you and your friends all play samurai fighting cats. It looks like a glorious button masher from the trailer, and one to pick up if you liked Samurai Gunn and Nidhogg.
  • Boid’s the second Early Access game on the list and, to my mind, the most exciting. You play a drone which crash-lands on an alien planet, you must mutate its local wildlife to become your army to fight for dominance against other players.
  • The bundle includes both the Blitzkrieg and Blitzkrieg 2 anthologies, giving you about as much World War 2 RTS gaming as you could want.
  • Finally, the tenth game in the Killer Bundle 2 is Redline, a Mad Max-inspired shooter. Out in the wastelands of 2066 you must race against rival gangs, for control of resources and turf. You’ll be hopping in and out of rusty cars loaded up with machine guns and homemade gadgets in your fight to control the wasteland.

If you’re unlucky in the giveaway you can always pick the bundle up for £3.99 over at Bundle Stars.