We’ve given away 150 Rising Storm beta keys. But now they’ve gone. Sorry.


I visited the Pacific Theatre of WWII and all I got were these lousy keys for Red Orchestra 2: Rising Storm’s beta. Honestly, I don’t know what to do with them. I tried leaving them on a park bench, but a nice old man chased after me to return them. You don’t think you could take one of these free tickets for Tripwire’s unique brand of asymmetrical warfare off my hands, do you?

Edit: And they’ve gone again. Sorry. 

Here’s what you’ll need to do, if you would be so kind:

Like our Facebook page, and send us a private message asking for a Rising Storm key. Once you’ve done that, make sure you have private messaging turned on and we’ll send you your code asap (while stocks last).

After you’ve grabbed your key, click to ‘Add a game’ in your Steam client, select ‘Activate a product on Steam’, and then copy the code into the appropriate box.

Tripwire are keen to point out that Rising Storm is still very much in beta, with all the attendant bugs that term implies. What’s more, this version isn’t linked to any existing copy of Red Orchestra 2 you might have – so don’t expect to be able to switch between your favourite RO2 server and a Rising Storm server.

The full version of the game will soon be available on Steam for pre-purchase, and elsewhere for pre-order. Until then, happy beta bayoneting!