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We’d have asked for this: watch the original Deus Ex developers play it for an hour


As part of the 15 year Deus Ex anniversary, Eidos Montreal have gathered makers of the original game together to play it and talk about the development. Project Director/all around games-alumni Warren Spector, Writer Sheldon Pacotti with Lead Programmer Chris Norden at the mouse-helm get through the Liberty Island level and then skip to the Hong Kong area of the game to explore that before playing through the finalé. It’s naturally full of spoilers, but is a fascinating look at how the game was made and what those in charge think of it now.

This is a format I could really get into. Skipping through the key scenes like this gives a more broad overview than doing just the first hour or so, since it would be a much too large time investment to do the whole game. Having just the developers there rather than guided by a PR man is also great, even if it requires some editting.

It’s also really nice to see the enthusiasm still present for the game and for development in general from the team, particularly Spector. It’s easy to become cynical about games and the people who play and make them, particularly when nostalgia gets involved. The stories being told here are valuable information too, advice and anecdotes that could be lost otherwise.

Hooray for video games! You can grab this Deux Ex on Steamfor a fiver and have a look at twenty-five minutes of the next game, Mankind Divided, which should be out next year.