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Welcome to the punch: Supergirl brings her brand of pugilism to Infinite Crisis

Supergirl: angry, but not too angry to turn down a matching costume.

Infinite Crisis is unusual among the major MOBAs, in that it hasn’t been running since 2009. As a consequence it currently has an almost-comprehensible number of playable characters, rather than the usual 100+. But developers Turbine are doing their best to change that.

“I think we need to hit a specific threshold to make choices interesting at the team selection screen, and 32 is basically enough for each role that, for a pro-gamer, the build of your team is an interesting process,” said Turbine’s Leo Tan.

The thirty-second? Supergirl.

Supergirl wakes up from stasis to the post-apocalyptic world of Infinite Crisis, and the realisation that every person or idea she ever cared about on Krypton is fictional. Sorry, long-dead.

It’s a situation familiar to Captain America, but without his capacity for sardonic quips, she’s left extremely angry – and that apparently informs her skillset in-game.

She specialises in punching other champions: punching them into the ground, punching them into the air, and for her ultimate, punching them so hard they become missiles which then punch holes in nearby allies. Sometimes she harnesses the power of the sun, simply so that she can punch a little harder.

Does that sound like a champion you can relate to? Infinite Crisis is in open beta, and you can sign up to play today.