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Slay the Spire meets Hearthstone in new Steam deckbuilding roguelike

Brand new deckbuilding roguelike game Wildfrost has released on Steam, and it combines the best of Slay the Spire, Hearthstone, Monster Train, and a lot more.

Slay the Spire meets Hearthstone in new Steam deckbuilding roguelike

When you combine the best of deckbuilding roguelike games like Slay the Spire and Monster Train with the style and depth of Hearthstone you’re bound to get something special. This is why the new Steam release Wildfrost, a chilly deck-builder with a delightful art style, is taking players by surprise, and it looks great.

Released today on Steam, Wildfrost combines the roguelike deckbuilding of Slay the Spire with the visuals and ideas of Hearthstone, with a good amount of Super Auto Pets and Monster Train’s multilane combat thrown in there for good measure.

Of course, Wildfrost is more than just these comparisons, as you’ll need to collect the absolutely excellently drawn companion cards alongside elemental items for battle, all while using a “dynamic counter system” too.

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So instead of just taking turns as you’d expect, the dynamic counter system gives each card a different countdown until it can ‘counter’, and automatically make its move. So while the counter goes down you can buff ally cards, stall an attack, or set up for one big attack all at once.

You’ll also be selecting a leader for your run through Wildfrost, with each offering up different randomised stats and skills. Combine this with your cute but deadly creatures and other cards, and the roguelike potential for each run goes through the roof.

Slay the Spire meets Hearthstone in new Steam deckbuilding roguelike

Your overarching experience in Wildforst won’t be dissimilar to those that have played games like Hades, as between runs you’ll be upgrading and expanding the hub of Snowdell, which should give you stronger starts and more opportunities when you venture out into the cold.

There are even daily runs and challenges, in an effort to offer up an endlessly replayable experience that hones in on the core deckbuilding mechanic of the roguelike, even after you’ve ‘beaten’ the game.

You can find out more about Wildfrost and purchase it now over on the game’s Steam page.

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