WildStar devs talk movement. Walking, running, jumping: it’s all here.


You might think it’s difficult to get passionate about moving around. Carbine Studios, developer of upcoming sci-fi MMO WildStar, don’t think it’s difficult at all. In fact, they’ve made a three minute video explaining about how important movement is, and just how WildStar’s directional controls improve MMO combat.

If you’ve had enough of your games not sharing control schemes, you’ll be pleased to know WildStar has a hint of FPS in its movement systems. The mouse will control turning and aiming, and hitting shift will make your character run ‘a ton faster’. WildStar did not specify if this is a metric or imperial ton. We can only hope imperial, but the pessimist inside us suggests metric.

Take a look at the video to get the full brief on dashing, double-jumping, and the rad sprinting-double-jump-combo.