WildStar: Draken race introduced via journalist hunt


The latest news post over on the WildStar website reminds me of my early days in journalism, back before I started taking my six shooter to press events, back when any interview could turn nasty. I’ll tell you this though, I may have lost a finger, big whoop, but I was lucky to get away from Peter Molyneux alive; never show the man unprotected flesh. And Ken Levine, I know more people not to return from his bespoke locked-from-the-outside interview room then to come home safe, or at least only partially mutilated. So I can fully empathise with the vulnerable writer interviewing WildStar’s Khuvor the Draken hunter.

More below.

If the name WildStar only rings a few bells the below trailer may refresh your memory:

An MMO in production over at Carbine Studioswe still know little about WildStar. Mainly that its four classes -the explorer, scientist, soldier, and settler – will each not only have different skill sets but will see and interact with the world differently. Players will only be able to see all the game has to offer by teaming up.

But, back to the Draken. One of the races of WildStar, the interview conveys that they’re of a somewhat violent temperament and predisposed to hunting down prey for sport.

“Q: Do you think you could be just a little more specific?

“A: We have come to Nexus to test our mettle! To hunt every last creature on this savage world! To sunder the infernal machines the Eldan left behind! And the greatest challenge of all – slaughtering the enemies of the emperor, wherever they may hide!

“Q: Enemies of the emperor. You mean the Exiles?

“A: Of course I mean the Exiles! I hate their cowardly creed, but I respect their instincts and their cunning. They are survivors, and survivors make good prey. The Granok are especially worthy, and I have slaughtered many!

“Q: Any other choice prey we should know about?

“A: Marauders make good sport! Agile. Well-armed. Bloodthirsty. The Krogg of the Darkspur Cartel are also worthy foes. They are criminal scum, but they fight like wild beasts. Much like the Draken!

“Q: Okay. I think we’ve covered hunting. What about…

“A: Planet Nexus teems with worthy prey! The mighty Falkrin, bird-barbarians of Galeras! The necromantic Moodies of Deradune! Massive gorganoths that can swallow a Draken hunter whole! You have not lived until you have hacked your way out of a gorganoth’s gullet!

“Q: Right. For my next question….

“A: I have also slain many Skeech! Foul little cave-dwellers found on Nexus. Foes like Marauders and Falkrin prove a test of skill… but the Skeech are a test of endurance! Their numbers are many. They are too stupid to retreat. And they die by the score!”

Besides aiming for a 2013 release Carbine are not being hugely specific as to when we can start playing with their newest game.

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