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Wildstar launch trailer invites you to unlock its secrets

Wildstar Carbine Studios NCSoft

“Nothing here is what it seems. Nexus has a terrible secret,” says a blue glowing lady in the Wildstar launch trailer. With the general release of Carbine’s MMO you can now dive into the world of Nexus and find out what it is.

Wildstar takes place on a world called Nexus, the ancient homeworld of the Eldan, a race who constructed great machines all over the galaxy before inexplicably disappearing in a cloud of plot exposition.

Finding out what happened to the Eldan and unlocking the secrets they left behind is the frame which sits at the heart of Wildstar.

Of course, you don’t have to look into the story at all. “The philosophy that we’ve always embraced is that there’s different sorts of players and we don’t want to alienate any one kind of player at the expense and given system,” creative director Chad Moore told me.

“From a storytelling perspective we’ve tried to create what we call opt-in systems. Obviously the world itself tells a story, we do a lot of visual storytelling, sound effects, music but in terms of quests and lore you’ll talk to an NPC and most their quest text is pretty short. We don’t have really long quest text, but most will have the option to give more info. This guy may be giving you a quest to face off against another faction in a particular war in the zone and if you’re the kind of player who’s not really into story then you’ll be like “Accept, I’m in, point the way.” But for players that want to dig a little deeper there’s the more info. so you can ask “Why don’t we like these guys?” And he’ll tell you. “

You can buy a copy of Wildstar over on Carbine’s site.