Wildstar videos introduce Dominion faction, Stalker class


The MMO Wildstar has just introduced its second playable faction, a powerful interstellar empire known as the Dominion. Developers Carbine Studios have put together a rather excellent introductory video which will tell you all about this faction’s glorious history, as well as its member races.

Alongside this announcement, the new Stalker class has also been revealed, dangerous fellows whose skills and equipment make them excellent assassins. Click through to see videos featuring both these, and I’d particularly recommend watching the Dominion introduce themselves.

The Dominion are made up of a race of haughty humans known as the Cassians, the beast-like and behorned Draken warriors, plus a race of killer robots known as the Mechari. Together, these races battle Wildstar’s other faction and their ideological opposites, a rag-tag band of rebels known as the Exiles. They also have a very high opinion of themselves, as you can see:

As with the Exiles, there’s one Dominion race who haven’t been featured in the video, merely teased at. Both are coming soon, according to the official site.

As for the Stalker, the strengths of this class lie in both stealth and melee, making them excellent DPS characters. Their kit includes an Actuator Suit, which allows them to sneak up on their targets, and a pair of deadly metal claws that help them get the job done.

In a statement on the game’s website (which has just been redesigned), executive producer Jeremy Gaffney said the development team would have a lot more to show off, “a ton of things – new features, new content, new races, new classes.” Expect more updates in the days and weeks ahead, covering the game’s classes and what it calls Paths, career choices separate to character classes that offer players the chance to be explorers, scientists, settlers or soldiers.

If you feel like stepping into the soft-soled shoes of a spiky-horned explorer-assassin, Wildstar is currently taking beta signups right here and you can keep tabs on the progress of the game via Twitter.