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WildStar will “fill the void” for people looking for a deep, hardcore MMO


WildStar developer Carbine Studios is on a mission to provide a new home for the 1.3 million subscribers that have abandoned World of WarCraft between February and April this year. 

“We’re making something that’s different,” explained design producer Stephan Frost to MCV. “We’re coming out at a time when WoW is losing subscribers and we can fill the void for people who want an MMO that’s deep, hardcore but also accessible to people.

“We’ve found through betas and trade shows that MMO players understand our game. They can see the improvements we’ve made and notice that this game is something pretty cool.”

WildStar intends to stand apart from the crowd by offering significantly different experiences to the game as a whole dependant on what class you play. Soldiers will be primarily based on combat, as in typical MMOs, but explorers will see a greater emphasis on discovering new areas of the game world. This alone, provided Carbine pull it off, sounds like the kind of alteration the MMO genre has been begging for for years. Seeing these gameplay aspects in action also seemed to impress Cara when she got hands on with WildStar recently, so that’s at least one vote Carbine has.