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15 best WildStar addons

Best WildStar Mods

Give us an MMO and we’ll play it, but give us an MMO with addon support and we’ll make it even better. Carbine understand that anything they can do, their community can improve and refine it. That’s why they made sure WildStar was addon friendly from not only from release, but way back in the public beta.

We’ve collected the best 15 WildStar addons that are absolutely necessary as your explore the planet Nexus.

First things first, you’ll want to download the Curse client to make installing all these addons a doddle, while also a breeze to keep them all up to date. Once you’ve done that, all you need to do is add WildStar to your games list, and you’re ready to go.


As you run around and explore the secrets of Nexus, you’re going to come across a ton of loot. While a lot of it will be super useful, there will always be some useless fodder that’s only purpose is to be thrown at vendors. JunkIt makes what normally would be a tedious whack-a-mole click fest into a one-click wonder. It provides you with a button that sells all items classified as Junk all in one go, and you can even customise these classifications in the options to suit your needs.


This addon helps refine the UI nameplates. It not only separates health and shields so their values are easier to discern at a glance, but it will also allow you to keep track of your target through objects e.g. walls. A must have for anyone wanting to do some serious raiding or PVP action.


Selected more for its aesthetics than for practicality, IconLoot just makes looting much more satisfying. The pop-up notification makes it clear what you’ve looted and what rarity it is, and it’s not obtrusive either. You can also tweak the options and blacklist certain items if they annoy you.

AMP Finder

AMPs are WildStar’s way of giving players deeper customization when it comes to class builds. The trick is you have to unlock them all; not only is there a lot of them, but they’re gathered by various different means. AMP Finder is a simple tool that allows you to check where a specific AMP can be found, whether that’s a quest, item exchange or a rare random drop. This can save you a lot of time looking on the net, which can be better spent finding those AMPs!


Interactions in WildStar aren’t that of your normal MMO. Many will include a quick time event sort of puzzle that you’ll have to mash in order to succeed. TapThat is for us lazy folk who really prefer not to shorten the lifespan of our keyboards any more than we need to. It will automatically input the correct keys for you, through the power of magic. And don’t worry, it’s not classed as cheating because it doesn’t work in PVP.


For the hardcore MMO folk, we like to get our quests done in the most efficient way available. Ayth_Quest provides that option by giving you the locations of your quest objectives via a handy real-time dotted line. You’ll never get lost ever again, but if you prefer taking your time (and maybe getting lost too), this addon is not for you.


Similar to the above, BetterQuestLog does just what it says on the tin: improves the quest log. Carbine normally split your log into categories depending on its type, which can lead to a rather extended eyesore as it fills half of your screen. This addon gives it the minimalist treatment, while still giving you the key information you need to go and complete those quests.


Every MMO needs a trusty damage meter so you know who to blame when you inevitably wipe on those dastardly unfair bosses. It will tell you in real-time if you suck or not, and also remind you that other classes are “totally op” compared to yours. Jokes aside, it’s a must have if you want to raid.


Many of WildStar’s classes have abilities which activate (or improve) only when a certain condition has been met. This is known as a “proc”, and this mod helps keep track of them so you don’t have to. Engineers and Warriors will see the most use out of this addon, but every class has at least something that will benefit from it. You can customise the alerts to your liking too.


More tracking addons, this time for buffs and debuffs. It can be sometimes hard to see what buffs and debuffs are in effect in the heat of battle, and more importantly their duration. This mod gives you easy to track icons with visible countdowns. If you want to push your class to the limits in terms of efficiency, no matter what your role is, you will want this.


In most MMOs, all enemy AI have a tangible level of “hate” towards you at any given time. This dictates how likely they are to attack you. In any given scenario you’ll want your enemies to attack the tank, but if your healers and dps present too much of a threat, they’ll be quickly mauled and dispatched. ThreatMeter gives you an easy and accessible meter, so you can prevent those situations and more importantly a potential wipe.

MrFancyPants Equipment Manager

Looking good is probably your most top priority in an MMO, and with WildStar’s costume system there’s a wide selection when it comes to your swag. The only problem is it can be hard to keep track of your equipment sets, but this mod helps alleviate that. While it can’t automatically equip a gear set, it makes it easy to find a those sets in your inventory. Support for auto-equip is incoming though as soon as Carbine update the API.


Rare mobs carry more loot than their normal counterparts, so it’s a no brainer that people actively search out their spawns to get in on the action. RareTracker watches your environment like a hawk; as soon as it spots a rare spawn it will notify to of its presence. It’s really handy while you’re leveling because of the xp bonus and upgrades they can offer. Also some of the fights are quite challenging, and offer a break from the dull grind to end-game.


For those of us that are frequent use of the Item Exchange, this mod will certainly be of some use. MagicMail modifies your mailbox to make it faster and easier to accept attachments, and also automatically delete them once the attachments have been taken. You can also personalise your mail by colour coding your friends, guild and neighbours.


Our final addon is quite interesting. BotZapper will monitor players in the immediate vicinity for any suspicious behavior akin to that of a bot. This is mainly done through monitoring player movement, as bots love to teleport to their destination or use speed hacks. After running flagged players through a number of checks, it’ll then offer you the option of reporting that player while presenting its evidence. Bots can ruin an MMO, and the less of them there is the better.