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Wildstar video details new content coming in Strain Ultradrop update

Wildstar Carbine Studios NCSoft

Wildstar’s not even a month old – Heck, Nick’s not even finished reviewing it yet – and Carbine are releasing it’s first big update for their MMO: the Strain Ultradrop.

We garnered a few details about the update from the original trailer but we’ve learned a lot more from the new Devspeak video.

It’s a whole new territory for you to explore. For lore fans you’ll be searching out the Genesis Chamber “where you’ll find the secrets of Nexus.” There’s a mutant hoverboard for those who just like to take in the sights, a bomber minigame that sticks you in the cockpit of a robot plane, and a cannon that fires you into a goo pit.

There’s new challenges for the folk who want high level content – new enemies and loot chests are up for the fighting and grabbing. You’ll have to win a group survival mission, rip out the heart of a big orange bird, and beat some new world bosses.

And, there’s a stack of new items to decorate your house with – spines, eyes on stalks, sacs of bacterial goop, and a strain laboratory.

Here’s that trailer for those who like to see mutant sheep:

The updates are due out over the next couple of days so be on the look out.