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WildStar’s last two races announced: the Chua and Mordesh revealed


Carbine Studios have revealed the final two races for their upcoming MMO WildStar. The Chua are small critter like creatures with a knack for building machines of death. Although completely bonkers, their contraptions are in demand all around the galaxy. The Mordesh on the other hand are a bunch of space elves that like to keep to themselves. They were ravaged by a disease known as the Contagion, their bodies being held together by various feats of engineering. Experts in science, they have developed a temporary vaccine to suppress the symptoms. But they are only a shadow of their once powerful civilization.

It’s been speculated for a long time what the final two races would turn out to be, and it seemed highly likely that these two would be the prime suspects.


Until the last century, the Mordesh had a brimming civilization on planet Grismara. Experts in science and alchemy made them highly valuable allies, which attracted the attention of the Dominion empire. Shortly after joining, a certain Mordesh by the name of Victor Lazarin had announced the impossible: the Everlife Elixir. This potion was touted to bestow anyone with immortality, and was quickly distributed worldwide.

However this wasn’t the case.

The elixir become unstable, causing necromantic physical degeneration combined with a mindless cannibalistic rage. The world seemed doomed to extinction, as the Dominion responded with an uncompromising blockade to try and seal the disease away. Lazarin who was barely alive due to the Contagion’s madness managed to create a vaccine to suppress the symptoms, known as the Vitalus Serum.

With their races existence hanging in the balance, the Mordesh were forced to ask the Exiles to smuggle them through the blockade. Once the Dominion learned about this, they started hunting any and all Mordesh that had left their dying world. This led the Mordesh to learn the arts of deception. Their top covert intelligence group, the Black Hoods now plots to use their dark arts on Nexus, in hopes to find a cure for their dwindling kind. But they have never forgotten about the Dominion’s desertion in their time of need, and ever seek to exact their revenge.


Enter the Chua. Mechanical masterminds, the small sadistic creatures create some of the best weapons in the entire galaxy. They’re completely mad, devious and competitive in nature, often finding it funny to blow someone up for a cheap laugh. The Dominion saw great potential in a race with little morals and technical excellence.

Once communications had been opened, the Mechari gifted the Chua with some simple Dominion technology in hopes that they would hyper accelerate their development. The Chua accepted the gift, and as a token of unnatural generosity, presented them with a gift wrapped Bezgelorian tar-beetle. It was unbeknown by the dignitaries that the beetle, as per a natural defense mechanism, exploded in black corrosive ooze upon being handled.

The Chua howled and screamed for days over their celestial benefactors misfortune.

Negotiations begrudgingly continued, and before long the Chua’s psychotic addiction to industry had replaced their planets forests with thousands of factories. In no time at all, their once lush home and turned into a toxic wasteland. It wasn’t sustainable.

Joining the Dominion out of a need for resources, the Chua have been creating weapons for the empire for the last thousand years. Now have their sights set on recent discovery of Nexus, with its legendary natural and technological resources, and more dubious ways to obliterate their enemies.

Here’s a sneak peek at both the races in video format: