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Will Mass Effect 4 be prequel or sequel? BioWare want you to decide.

Mass Effect 3

That’s the ‘you’ as ‘faceless node among millions’, but your voice can nonetheless be one of the many to decide Mass Effect’s future. Series protector Casey Hudson seems determined to crowdsource all of the key decisions in the development of Mass Effect 4, and has asked fans where precisely along the trilogy’s timeline they would like the next game to be set.

“Parsing through your thoughts on the next #ME game,” mused Hudson on Twitter. Would you be more interested in a game that takes place before the trilogy, or after?”

The question follow’s Hudson’s general call for feedback on the new Mass Effect, which saw him ask: “What would you want to see in it?”

I imagine this can continue indefinitely as a choice and consequence RPG meta-game throughout development. Next week it’ll be, “Couch on Normandy MK2. Black or brown?”

Mass Effect 4 is in very early development at series back-up studio BioWare Montreal, while Hudson’s Edmonton team work on god-knows-what. It’ll run on DICE’s Frostbite 2 engine, which Dragon Age 3’s art director had lovely things to say about in Bradford last week.

Go on, then. When exactly should Mass Effect 4 to take place? The sequel option comes with attendant trilogy conclusion issues, of course, so factor that into your calculations.

Thanks, Eurogamer.