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Microsoft wants you to tell it how to make PC gaming better

Microsoft's gaming division is soliciting feedback on how to improve Windows 10 gaming

PC gaming almost exclusively means Windows gaming, and for better or worse, that means Microsoft has a massive stake in the platform. But from Games for Windows Live to the more modern Windows Store, the company’s initiatives to take charge of gaming on the OS have met with mixed results – so now Microsoft wants you to tell it what to do.

Microsoft’s Xbox division runs regular ‘idea drives’ to gather feedback on various features and let the community vote on which changes are most important. Users submit ideas, those submissions run through a moderation process, and then the results are opened up for voting.

The latest effort asks about gaming on Windows 10. Microsoft specifically asks what “you want Windows to do (or stop doing)” while gaming, what optimisations you want Windows to implement, and what “other gaming features” you’d like to see. There’s also a separate segment specifically pointed at the PC Game Bar. Some of the suggestions so far include allowing streaming from PC to Xbox, and offering a separate version of Windows specifically optimised for games.

Whether any of the inevitable suggestions to kill the Windows Store in favour of Steam make it through the moderation queue remains to be seen.

Microsoft’s PC gaming efforts in the past few years have worked out better than many past examples, though that progress has been incredibly slow. But initiatives like cross-play, same day PC releases of first-party, and a more computer-focused edition of Game Pass have been promising.

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Exactly how well any of these initiatives turn out remains to be seen, but now that you’ve got an official forum to offer feedback you can at least stop yelling at Phil Spencer on Twitter.