Windows 8 sells 40 million copies in first month since release

The OS with the most mostess? Windows 8.

More good news for Windows 8, as well as running 90% of GOG games, in its first month since release the new operating system has sold over 40 million copies, according to Microsoft’s finance and marketing head of the Windows business, Tami Reller.

More on this below.

PCGamer spotted this storyover at NDTV. Talking to an audience atan investor conference held by Credit Suisse, Reller said”Windows 8 upgrade momentum is outpacing that of Windows 7″ suggesting that it’s on track to beat the 60 million copies in ten weeks that the previous OS managed.

This figure isn’t necessarily 40 million people buying the OS and upgrading, many of them will be sales to computer manufacturers who will begin bundling the new OS with their systems.

Whatever way you cut it though, Microsoft will be chuffed.