Windows 8 Upgrade will cost just $40 / £25


Microsoft has announced its pricing for the new version of Windows and it looks like they’re trying for a landgrab for all those people still using older versions of Windows. In particular, given that XP’s been out for ten years and is still used by hundreds of millions of users too sensible to gamble with an upgrade to 7, we think they’re targetting YOU. No, not you. I was talking to the GCHQ guy who’s reading your emails. He strikes me as an early adopter.

The pricing differs depending on where you buy it, but the cheapest deal is if you’re buying a Windows 7 PC before January 31st 2013. If you do, you only pay $15 for an upgrade to Pro.

If you’re upgrading from Windows 7 after that date, Windows Vista (yuck), or Windows XP, the cost online should be $39.99 and the cost in stores $69.99. A back-up DVD for the online version costs $15. If you’re building your own machine, you’ll have to buy Windows 8 System Builder

Windows Media Center is a free add-on, presumably being de-bundled from the main product to stop the EU giving Microsoft another billion dollar fine for being anti-competitive.

Windows 8 itself is a last-ditch grab by Microsoft at the long-gone mobile market, making it so there’s one standard interface across all its devices. Given the excellence of the iOS operating system and the unutterable crapness of iTunes, there’s definitely a gap in the market for a unified platform- but we’re not sure if Microsoft can persuade people that they’re the ones to make or manage it.

Now… let’s do the Windowsdance.

Source: The Verge

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