Winnie the Pooh: Home Run Derby is not suitable for children


In an uncharacteristic move, Disney has created a sadistic game that develops a masochistic streak in children. Winne the Pooh: Home Run Derby is perhaps the most poorly pitched children’s flash game yet seen on the internet as it would require a child for who is able to bend time and space to their will.

Appearing on Yahoo Japan’s ‘Disney Kids’ portal, Winnie the Pooh: Home Run Derby has you take control of Winnie the Pooh in a friendly game of afternoon baseball in which the lovable cast of characters that populate A. A. Milne’s work have been replaced imposters, they pitch balls at you which reject the laws of physics and fair play, leaving you and, by extension, Winnie a crumbling crying mess. Yes, Disney makes Winnie the Pooh cry.

Kotaku spotted the game after seeing the response it had garnered on NeoGAF and 4chan, which includes altering Christopher Robin’s Wikipedia entry.