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Wireless Vive prototype coming “this fall” from Valve and Quark VR

HTC Vive

If there’s one thing holding VR back, it’s the fact it’s tethered, so you might die because you tripped over the wire and fell through your window, crashing into the road below where a car will probably run you over and a dog might do its business on you.

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A joint venture between Valve and Quark VR is currently in the process of solving VR’s wire issue, with a prototype due to be unveiled this autumn.

In arelease from Quark, the company says the prototype uses a small gadget connected to the headset and a transmitter that’s placed in the user’s pocket “that sends and receives the signal between the PC and the HTC Vive through Wi-Fi.”

“Getting the experience to feel seamless through Wi-Fi, keeping in mind the inevitable connection delay, was a huge challenge, but we’re getting extremely close to being able to show it in action,” says the announcement.

Quark say they recognised the need for wireless VR even before Vive was released. This was cemented when the Bulgarian company hosted a VR event to show the tech off, only to hear potential customer concerns over the cables.

Now they’re working with Valve to try solve the problem. We’ll let you know when we hear more.