Witchbrook, the gorgeous magic school RPG, gets a new look and a new website

It still looks like Harry Potter meets Stardew Valley, but now it's even prettier

Chucklefish’s Witchbrook debuted with some gorgeous art and the promise of a life sim RPG set in a magical school – an idea we’re still calling by the ‘Harry Potter meets Stardew Valley‘ shorthand. Details have been vague up to this point, as even the developers haven’t been sure what the final game would actually be. But it looks like things are getting serious for Witchbrook.

Witchbrook now has a new website that’s revealed a whole new look for the game, and it’s even prettier now. The new visuals move from the semi-overhead perspective of Stardew Valley to a fully isometric view that gives the world a somewhat more three-dimensional look.

There aren’t many more details on gameplay just yet, but here’s what the studio has to say: “Forge your own identity as a witch-in-training on the road to graduation. Build relationships with fellow students and townsfolk, develop your magical abilities by attending classes and completing assignments. Participate in extracurricular activities such as fishing, growing magical crops and foraging strange mushrooms. Master secret spells, make friends for life and unravel the mysteries of the school.”

Witchbrook is still “quite a while off yet” so don’t expect a release date any time soon – but it looks like we might finally see information, at least, start trickling out a little more regularly.

For now, there are other indie games to fill your time – and you’ve probably got a long span of time to fill.