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The Witcher 2 mod tools to be on show at Gamescom


As PC players there are no two words that make our mouths water quite like ‘Wine Gums’. And when do we most like to eat wine gums? When using mod tools. You better start stocking up on the the gelatinous alcohol because CD Projekt RED are showing The Witcher 2’s mod tools at next weeks Gamescom.

The REDkit (no, not the Turkish version of Lucky Luke) will allow you to create new content for The Witcher 2. Be it new quests, items, characters, or, as the case may likely be, sex scenes. There were some pretty extensiveadditionsmade to the previous Witcher game following the release of itsmod tools – such as the mighty fine And a curse, and Love, and Betrayal. CD Projekt RED seem to be the game studio that keep on giving, just this evening I was quoting one of their number talking about how they won’t charge for expansions packs and now here they teasing us with the possibility of mod tools – and thus potentially infinitely more Witcher 2.