The Witcher 3 screens show giants, beers, and boats


Many screenshots of games arrive at our door looking dull behind the eyes, dishevelled, and, frankly, like they should have been a stay-at-home child, but not CD Projeckt RED’s: theirs are always lively, detailed, and showing off lens flare. Say what you want about CD Projekt (“They smell of Ryan Gosling on an Autumn day”) they know how to take a good screenshot. 

See for yourself.


Geralt is stunned by bar patron’s tale of hernia operation.


Geralt assesses seaworthiness of holiday houseboat.


Geralt wonders if woman in thin dress is chilly in arctic weather.


Geralt rushes to greet big friendly giant.

Cheers, Cinema Blend (particularly because you didn’t feel the need to stick a giant watermark across each of the images. High five for that!).