Witcher 3 trailer shows how to craft 49 uninformative seconds


Now that the Witcher 3 cat is out of the bag, both figuratively and literally (CD Projekt RED are known for naming a cat after each ongoing development project and storing it in a hemp sack until it is announced), CD Projekt seem to be at a loss as to what to show off.

Truly, watch the teaser below and you’ll likely come to the same conclusion: we’re witnessing a cover up.

I mean, I like a floating metal wolf head as much as the next guy. Hell, if it’s splattered with blood I’d go as far to say that I like it more. We’ve all got out own favourite blood-spattered wolf head stories and this trailer just taps right into them. Tap tap tap it goes, a childhood memory there, a dream for our future here. I don’t mean to knock the every man tone that CD Projekt Red are going for, just, well, it’s not really given us much to work with.

It’s not like the recent Cyberpunk trailer, for instance. In that we got slow mo bullets, fancy helmets, a future vista, something to run with. Here I really have to waffle to hit the word count (though I’m sure you haven’t noticed. I think I’ve hidden it well).

So, yes, a cover up. It is the only possible conclusion. CD Projekt RED are flooding the internet on the day ofsomething so as to draw the media’s attention away. Scanning the news the answer is obvious, the story that CD Projekt RED don’t want getting out: Friern Barnet Library is being handed over to its community by the local council.

Don’t let other websites tell you different.