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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt trailer holds secret message pointing to “Something big”


CD Pojekt RED just can’t let an opportunity to tease pass them by. Even at E3, with the eyes of the gaming world upon them, they snuck a secret message into their debut in-game footage trailer.

As well as a few hints as to features the trailer holds, the message pointed to a new website, one that itself teases “Something big”.

“We couldn’t resist doing something crazy on such a big occasion!”, the message reads. “The Debut Gameplay Trailer contains some hints about new game mechanics we’ll be introducing in The Witcher 3. Manage to spot them?”

“By the way, notice the 4 CGI takes in the trailer? Yeah, they’re part of something bigger… Curious? Try here: www.thewitcher.com/killingmonsters

If you follow the link you find a site with a fine looking wallpaper of Geralt looking stern. Disappointed? Well, there’s also a message saying that each week there will be a new reveal on this site, sometimes an image, sometimes a sound, and “You can be sure of one thing – this all leads to something. Something big.”

All very intriguing.