The Witcher 3 will be DRM free because “If someone wants to pirate a game, he will”


Witcher 3 designer Maciej Szczesnik has confirmed that, once again, the third installment in the fantasy series will be free of DRM. During a GDC interview with Kotaku, he explained that developer CD Projekt Red was trying to get rid of DRM and concedeed that “If someone wants to pirate a game, eventually he will.”

The developer’s managing director, Adam Badowski, chipped in to say that the developer instead wants “to give the best user experience possible” and added that there isn’t a great deal that DRM can do to really combat pirating. Instead, he said, the team’s focus is on delivering the best experience they can for their players, something that DRM can and sometimes does stand in the way of.

This very much echoes a statement that CD Projekt Red CEO Marcin Iwinski made at the conference last year, where he said that he didn’t want the studio’s subsequent releases to feature any DRM because it was ineffective and “it’s just over-complicating things.”