The Witcher 3’s new cinematic trailer is a bit Stark, as it were


Moral grey areas have been the stuff of Western RPGs for, ooo, two decades now? An essential back-of-the-box bullet point, when we used to have those. But Geralt is greyest of all – doubly so thanks to a lovely new beard – and CD Projekt intend to remind everybody of that fact in their new trailer.

It’s innocuously titled ‘Killing Monsters’. Of course, the monsters turn out to be wearing squishy human faces:

Justice, eh? Funny old concept. Now that The Witcher is a totally open-world prospect, I imagine some players will take the ‘kill everyone, just to be sure’ route.

What was the last game you played that asked you some really tough questions? Made you really decide on something? I hear Papers, Please excels in that regard.