The Wolf Among Us screens show smoking pig and man being punched


Following on from their excellent Walking Dead series, Telltale are adapting the Fable comics into a series of adventure games in the same vein. Four new screenshots released earlier today show that we can expect a similarly dark story, though with more smoking pigs.

The art style is certainly reminiscent of The Walking Dead series, clearly Telltale have stuck with the same engine, but the styles aren’t ecactly the same. The Walking Dead was dirtier, The Wolf Among Us has more clearly defined colours, making it seem more like a comic from the 80s and 90s than a modern work. Very cool if that’s deliberate to tie in with the fable tone of the series.


“Smoked Bacon? No, no one has ever said that to me before.”


Floating boat. Don’t see that every day.


“He’d heard the smoked bacon bit before!”


Cheers, PC Gamer.