The Wolf Among Us trailer tickles my Walking Dead itch


The Walking Dead was the best thing of last year. Not just best game but best thing. Last year I discovered Brenniven, Iceland’s answer to absinthe, so I want to make it clear how highly I regard Telltale’s Walking Dead games.

While we wait for the developer to release the second season of The Walking Dead we’re to be treated with The Wolf Among Us, an adaptation of the Fables comics.

The first trailer suggests we might be in for something almost as special.

You play B. Wolf, self-made sheriff of Fabletown, the name of the New York borough taken over by the fictional characters when they broke into our world. You can try to keep fable characters safe or you can throw them to the dogs for your own benefit.

It sounds compelling. My first response is to want to know everything about the story I can. Knowing Telltale, my second response is to know nothing about the game until it’s actually in my hands.

The first episode of The Wolf Among Us, Faith, is due “soon”.

Cheers, Shack News.