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Brianna Wu is raising money for her election campaign by streaming Wolfenstein 2

brianna wu us congress 2018

Usually, when it comes to political fundraising, politicians will approach potential donors by cold-calling, emailing, and hosting meet and greets. Game developer Brianna Wu is going about it differently: she’s streaming herself playing Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus.

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What with the current political climate, Wolfenstein’s wall-to-wall Nazi-killing is a political statement as much as it is good wholesome fun. As someone who was targeted by GamerGate and the Alt-Right with threats of death and sexual assault, Wu is repurposing Wolfenstein’s marketing campaign of Make America Nazi-Free Again to clearly set herself up as against the rise of hate groups in the US.

“One of the reasons Millennials feel disenfranchised is politicians don’t speak to them in ways that feel genuine,” Wu says in a statement on her site. “Twitch is one of the most important ways to engage younger people. I plan to go to voters where they are, not asking them to come to me.”

You can watch her streams that started earlier this week over on her Twitch channel.