Xbox Game Pass for PC gets two more triple-A games and a beta

And spend your Valentine's Day playing Bleeding Edge whydoncha?

Game Pass time, it’s Xbox Game Pass for PC time! New games are on the way to Xbox’s PC Game Pass and we can’t wait. We’re big fans of playing games on the cheap, so we’re always going to let you know what’s coming to the service next.

This time around Xbox’s Game Pass is adding Final Fantasy XV, Wolfenstein Youngblood, and Death’s Gambit to its roster. Those are three hefty games to be getting on with! And that’s not all, the blog post by Xbox reveals that Bleeding Edge, the new multiplayer combat game, is having a beta February 14 – 16 so you’ll be able to jump in very soon.

Let’s unpack those games, shall we? Final Fantasy 15 is an open-world RPG, with an anime aesthetic and distinct battling system. If you haven’t yet played a Final Fantasy game, this is a pretty good opportunity to do so! You might even find out why it’s one of the most famous game series of all time. Oh, and it looks like DLC will be included – nice.

Onto Wolfenstein Youngblood. Instead of the classic Wolfenstein where you’re playing as BJ Blazkowicz, you’re playing as one of his twin daughters on their quest to find their dad and free Paris of Nazis. Badass, huh?

And next is Death’s Gambit, a hardcore 2D action platformer with RPG themes. You play as an agent of Death, bound to his service and looking to uncover the mystery of Siradon and the price of immortality.

And finally some details about the Bleeding Edge beta! Starting on Valentine’s Day, you can try out what the 4v4 brawler’s got to offer. It’s all very exciting and you might pick your favourite character right off the bat.

So that’s what’s in store for Xbox Game Pass PC beta in the near future! Can’t wait to see what makes its way over to the pass next.