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After five years, huge 92% rated Soviet city builder finally hits 1.0

Manor Lords and Cities Skylines 2 may be the city building games of the now, but a serious rival, with glowing reviews, is about to hit 1.0.

Workers and Resources Soviet Republic 1.0 release date: A burgeoning town from Steam city building game Workers and Resources Soviet Republic

After the fall of SimCity back in 2013, the city building game, as a genre, hit something of a slump. But in the past 12 months, Manor Lords, Cities Skylines 2, and the very-anticipated Frostpunk 2 have brought municipal management back to the frontlines of PC gaming where it belongs. We’re spoiled for choice right now, and it’s about to get even better. After five years in Steam Early Access, during which it’s accumulated glowing reviews from players, one Soviet-themed city builder is finally getting its full 1.0 launch.

Workers and Resources: Soviet Republic is a city building game with an intensely deep simulation. Transport, the economy, resources, international trade – if the inner workings of Cities Skylines 2 have felt too light, and you’ve wanted a more intricate challenge compared to Colossal Order’s sequel, Workers and Resources, published by Manor Lords’ Hooded Horse, is definitely for you.

Here, you can drill down into every aspect of government and finances. Everything is built from the ground up. Utilities, transit hubs, and factories can be customized and carefully micromanaged to maximize efficiency. And it all comes with a Soviet-era twist. The goal is to create a stable and equitable socialist utopia, where everyone’s needs are met, and excess is returned to the greater public good.

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During its five-year Steam Early Access period, Workers and Resources has attracted more than 14,500 player reviews, an impressive 92% of which are positive. If you want a demanding city building strategy game, where you get to decide on virtually every aspect of metropolitan life – if you want a project you can totally commit to – the Workers and Resources: Soviet Republic 1.0 release date is set for Thursday June 20. The full version of the game will be simultaneously available on Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store.

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