World first: two Diablo 3 players defeat final boss on hardest difficulty with no deaths


Two Diablo 3 players have become the first in the world to complete the game on its highest difficulty tier in hardcore mode, beating final boss Diablo without either player dying once. Hardcore mode is the crazy mode in which dying permanently deletes your character along with all of the weapons, armour and items they were carrying. It took the pair six hours to complete Act 4 alone. These men are peerless athletes who deserve our respect.

Players Kripp and Krippi contended with “countless bugs, 200+ms server latency, soul lickers on PCP and kiddie DDOSers” to defeat Diablo 3’s final boss on Inferno difficulty. Playing in Hardcore mode also meant that even the slightest errant glitch could have undone hundreds of hours of effort at any moment.Over 50,000 people watched Kripp and Krippi’s live stream on TwitchTV (who congratulated the pair on their victory). The feat will go unrepeated as, after the 1.0.3 update tonight, Inferno-level difficulty will be lowered as drop-rates for better weapons are raised.
One viewer on Reddit described the event thusly: “There is no way to say this without sounding hyperbolic, but that was easily the most epic thing I have witnessed in my 20 years of gaming. The planning and dedication over the weeks all came down to charging through uncharted territory to beat the 1.0.3 deadline. I’m heading to work now on no sleep and a smile on my face. Congrats Krip and Krippi.”
Diablo 3 community manager and giantspoilsport Bashiok reserved his applause on the other hand, disputing the claim in a tweet and suggesting that this isn’t the first time Hardcore Diablo has been slain. “People think that was the first HC Inferno clear? Weird. Webcams r 2 legit 2 quit. hay HAY”. He offered no evidence to the contrary however, leaving Kripp and Krippi with the only publicly verifiable Hardcore Diablo defeat on record.
Keep an eye onKripp’s YouTube channel, where footage of Diablo taking one in the eye is expected to be posted shortly. This is ‘man on the moon’ grade stuff, you guys.