You should “play a game” during the coronavirus outbreak, the World Health Organization says

"Look after your mental health"

We’re all in the midst of a global pandemic, as places around the world struggle to determine how to deal with the coronavirus outbreak. The World Health Organization recently presented a media briefing on dealing with COVID-19, with recommendations for actions individuals can take during the pandemic. Among plenty of other advice, the WHO says you should “play a game”.

WHO general director Tedros Adhanom recommends that you “look after your mental health. It’s normal to feel stressed, confused, and scared during a crisis. Talking to people you know and trust can help. Supporting other people in your community can help you as much as it does them. Check in on neighbours, family and friends. Compassion is a medicine.

“Listen to music, read a book, or play a game.” Clearly, plenty of people practising social distancing have already taken that final bit of advice. Steam has repeatedly broken its own concurrent user record, and Xbox chief Phil Spencer says Microsoft’s gaming division is “seeing an unprecedented demand for gaming”.

The WHO also recommends taking care of your physical health during the outbreak – so eat well, limit your alcohol and sugar intake, don’t smoke, and get some exercise. And, y’know, maybe practice that stuff whether or not a global pandemic is going on. You can read Adhanom’s full statement on the WHO’s official site.

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